In 2009, Australian born author and novelist published his debut crime novel, The award-winning topical crime thriller has recently been released in an updated edition All The Cardinal's Men.  
Tom Flood, Miles Franklin Award-winning author and editor reviewed: 
'A marvellously well-plotted, topical novel - a cracker of a tale, engrossing and ... a sensitive treatment of the subject of paedophilia - and murder.' 

By 2010 and writing fulltime, the intriguing story of the robbery of the icon of the art world, the Mona Lisa based on historical fact Mona Lisa :The Virgin Mother was published and so commenced the Ladybird la coccinelle the Crime Thriller series with a difference. Since followed a sequel, Curse of the Diamonds, the winner of the 2012 Asian Editors Choice Award, and currently  a bestseller in publication in four countries. 

An abiding interest in historical fiction continues with The Emigrants. First published as an omnibus edition in 2011. Expanded to a series, the first volume The Brothers Five has been published in both print and eBook formats. Gold & Glory the second volume of the trilogy was released in 2014 with the final volume The Sisters Three planned for 2015.   

Extensively travelled, with a close knowledge of much of Europe and Asia, his stories continue to possess an affinity with their locales. A sequel to Curse of the Diamonds, set in England and Europe and currently a work in progress - The Shelford's of Shelford -- is due for for completion later in 2015.

All books are now available in both print and as eBooks in a range of formats. 


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